The Village

Welcome Sign

Roccasicura is a charming little village immersed in the restful green of the Molisan mountains. Its cobbled lanes and passages and the kindness of its inhabitants give it a timeless quality. Perched on a rocky spur, Abballe Pe La Terra is the most picturesque part. It culminates in the clock tower, the last vestige of a Castle which once overlooked the valley. (For a more exahustive description of the origins, please visit the beautifully illustrated The tower is still the highest point of Roccasicura and the view from there is breathtaking. At the feet of the clock tower, lie the Town Hall, the Church and the main square, Piazza Marconi. Remarkable is also Piazza Umberto I, once called Piazza Fontana, with its noteworthy Palazzotto, its fountain and its white cobbled steps that serve as tiers of seats for the spectators of the various summer shows. There are a number of smaller and very unique little squares (piazzette) and deatils of great interest throughout the village. You don't really need a map, ramble around look up, you don't even have to worry about the cars since there are very few. Only a handful of strangers have found their way to Roccasicura and they have all been welcome, we are simple people and we only ask our guests to respect the nature and the people. Roccasicura is living a moment of great optimism, due to the new road that connects us to the town of Isernia and to the new Council constituted by a team of bright and motivated Roccolani led by the Mayor Fabio Milano. The atmosphere is sparkly and the Nature seems greener and we are sure you will enjoy your stay.

Fly over Roccasicura

On the 13th of September 1992, in the occasion of the celebrations for the SS Maria di Vallisbona, Mario, Luca and Lello Lombardi flew over Roccasicura and shot the stunning pictures shown above (all rights reserved). Not much changed since then except for the Svincolo, a road that allows us to reach the town of Isernia in about 15 minutes and gives us hope that the depopulation trend slows down.

La Festa del Raccolto 2011

La Festa del Raccolto is an event organized this year for the first time by Guido Di Franco with the help of the volunteers from the Society CENTRO CULTURA E TRADIZIONI and independent volunteers. The event consisted of a demonstration of how grain is harvested and threshed. There was also a food stand where to buy good value and, above all, delicious traditional food. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers the event was a great success and we hope next year there will be a second edition.

How to get here

Here are some useful timetables updated to July 2011. We take no responsiblity for changes of schedule and we advise to check the websites of Trenitalia for train timetables, and of Larivera and Trasporti Molise for bus timetables. Once you are in Isernia you can take a bus to Roccasicura from the bus station beside the train station. There are three buses to Roccasicura: at 12:00, at 14:10, and at 18:10. For further info check the SATI website.

Buses to Isernia

From Rome Tiburtina Bus Station to Isernia
Company Dep. Time Arr. Time Frequency
Trasporti Molise 07:00 09:30 Daily
Trasporti Molise 11:30 13:45 Weekdays
Trasporti Molise 13:30 15:55 Weekdays
Larivera 14:20 16:30 Weekdays
Trasporti Molise 15:00 17:30 Daily
Trasporti Molise 16:30 18:40 Weekdays
Larivera 17:00 19:10 Weekdays
Trasporti Molise 18:00 20:25 Daily
Trasporti Molise 20:15 22:30 Daily
Larivera 20:30 22:40 Weekdays
Larivera 22:40 00:50 Sundays
From Naples (Piazza Garibaldi) to Isernia
* From 1/7 to 31/8, ** From 1/9 to 30/6
*** From 1/9 to 31/7
Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Frequency
06:00 07:50 01:50 Mon to Sat *
07:00 08:50 01:50 Mon to Fri **
08:30 10:20 01:50 Mon to Fri **
12:30 14:15 01:45 Daily
13:30 15:20 01:50 Mon to Fri ***
15:30 17:15 01:45 Mon to Fri
16:00 17:45 01:45 Mon to Sat
18:00 19:50 01:50 Mon to Sat
20:15 22:00 01:45 Holidays
From Pescara to Isernia
* Only during school time
** From 01/01 to 30/06 and from 01/10 to 31/12
Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Frequency
14:30 16:40 02:10 Mon to Sat
18:30 20:40 02:10 Mon to Sat *
20:20 22:30 02:10 Mon to Sat **

Train timetables

From Rome Termini Station to Isernia
Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Change
06:15 08:27 02:12 0
09:15 11:18 02:03 0
14:08 16:21 02:13 0
14:40 17:52 03:12 16:38 at CASSINO
17:08 19:40 02:32 18:40 at CASSINO
19:02 21:08 02:06 0
20:08 22:03 01:55 0
From Naples Central Station to Isernia
Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Change
04:56 07:35 02:39 06:22 at VAIRANO
05:20 07:55 02:35 06:03 at CASERTA
12:11 14:11 02:00 0
14:10 15:57 01:47 0
17:11 19:06 01:55 0
19:30 21:27 01:57 0

By car

The most important thing is to get to Iserna (B in the map on the right), and for that there is Googlemaps. The new road from Isernia to Roccasicura only takes 15 minutes by car. Beware that, as it is a new road, some GPS devices do not display it and it is not updated on Googlempas yet, so you will have to keep an eye on signs. From what is considered the physical centre of Isernia (Via Occidentale), head northeast toward Via Enrico d'Isernia, continue onto Corso Garibaldi, slight right onto Viale dei Pentri, then follow the signs to Strada Statale 17 or MIRANDA. You'll find yourself on a straight road with the neighbourhood of San Lazzaro on your left. Keep the right and be ready to turn right at the fork after a after 2-3 km on this straight road. After you have turned right, be ready to turn left as soon as you see the sign ROCCASICURA. Follow the road. After around 8-10 Km (not sure here) you will see the sign to Roccasicura and you will have to turn right. NOTE: the deceleration lane is quite short and the exit ramp is very steep so it is better to approach it at a moderate speed. 3-4 km of hairpin turns (please go slow) and you're in Roccasicura.

Where to eat

Via Sant' Antonio, 20
tel.: +39 (0) 865 83 71 67

Where to stay

Via Vigneti 18
Tel. Home: +39 (0) 865 83 73 22
Mobile: +39 331 30 84 099 or +39 366 35 83 654

Via Sant'Antonio
Tel. Home: +39 (0)865 83 71 68
Facebook: Il Torchio