The Roccolani in New York and those from the rest of the US and Canada will gather on the 8th of September to celebrate "Our Madonna di Vallisbona" with a mass followed by the traditional dinner at Villa Barone Manor. If you wish to paricipate, please download the programme of activities and check the instructions to book a seat. Download the Invitation

Roccolani in New York

New York is home to a large community of Roccolani. Devotion to the Madonna of Vallisbona is a strong element of identity to the community and the Society of La Madonna di Vallisbona has a pivotal role in mantaining it united. The Society not only organizes the annual celebration on the day of Vallisbona (second Saturday of September), it also promotes a series of other activities to keep traditions alive. The following section was written by Giovanni Campanelli, son of Paolo Campanelli, the current President of the Society of La Madonna di Vallisbona. Giovanni also kindly provided the pictures.

President of the Societá di Vallisbona

The Society of La Madonna Di Vallisbona was originally founded in the early 1960’s by Antonio and Pasquale Di Benedetto in College Point, N.Y. ; they were also known as “Felereto”. Once these fellow Roccolani had passed away the committee had been re-founded by Michele D’Agnelli and Paolo Campanelli in September of 1989 in the Bronx, N.Y. The Society has considerably grown in members and currently has a reception held at the Villa Barone Manor in the Bronx, N.Y. every second Saturday in the month of September every year. The annual celebratory mass is held prior to the reception at St. Lucy’s Church in the Bronx. The reception usually gathers anywhere from 225 to 300 people ranging from the New York Tri-State Metro Area, as well as Upstate New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Canada.


In addition to the feast of La Vallisbona, there are numerous functions that keep the Roccolani connected here in the United States. There are “Serate Roccolane”; during which they get together and feast to good food and wine. They also reunite with other Roccolani with committees as far as Canada celebrating events such as the St. Anthony feast in Canada. Every Roccolano definitely stays true to their roots and when together they keep in mind the values of family, origin and ethnicity. Hence, the large affinity for the Roccolani gathering every year is mainly due to the genuine heart filled desire to be together as one.

Message from the President

President of the Societá di Vallisbona

The current President of the Society of La Festa della Madonna di Vallisbona - New York- is Paolo Campanelli. Paolo Campanelli encourages Roccolani and friends all over the world to stay connected. He wishes that they indeed be true to their roots and look into every facet of their origin. As he contributed in the Bronx, N.Y. helping to create the society along with fellow members and friends; he wishes everyone abroad ranging from Europe, North America and South America to hold dear to their hearts the origins of their roots.

Members of the Society

President: Paolo Campanelli
Vice President: Antonio Lombardi
Secretary: Giovanni Lepore
Treasurer: Pasqualina Bentivoglio
Coordinator: Carmine Lombardozzi
Coordinator: Angelo Lombardi
Coordinator: Mario Bucci
Coordinator: Maria Pia Heim
Coordinator: Giovanna Scarpitti

Contact us


Society of Maria SS. Di Vallisbona
PO Box 418
Congers, N.Y. 10920

Contact Information for Paolo Campanelli

Phone: (001) 718-653-0438
Cell: (001) 718-514-0407
Skype: paolo-campanelli