Roccasicura 2.0

This website is an ongoing project so it is not at all to be considered finished. Some of the sections that could be added are listed in the TO-DO list but they are just indications as the list is virtually infinite and you are free to suggest anything you think would be of interest.

TO-DO List

COMMUNITIES of ROCCOLANI IN THE WORLD - Map of the geographical distribution of our emigrants

Migrations are usually classified on the basis of their range and can be subdivided into long-, medium-, and short-range. Long-range migrations are, e.g., overseas migrations, whereas medium- and short-range would be within Europe and within Italy, respectively, if we consider Roccasicura as the starting point. Obviously, the closer the place of destination, the easier to keep in touch with the hometown, especially in times with no skype or even telephone. We know that there are fairly large communities of Roccolani overseas: in the States, in Canada, in Argentina, and in Australia, too (greetings to all of you!). And we also know of people that moved to European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, and Ireland (hi to you all and you are welcome if you want to give a hand with the translations!). Many people left Roccasicura to go to the North of Italy, to benefit from the better work and study opportunities and that too is considered a form of emigration as it is often impractical to come home more than two times a year. It would be very interesting to draw a detailed map of the migratory fluxes of our people that also takes into account the time of departure, to place the fluxes into a broader historical context. In the next version of we would like to organize a census of all the Roccolani in the world. It is an ambitious goal but if we never start we never finish, right?


Over the summer we got in contact with the creators of Amici di Vastogirardi , a website whose aims are similar to the aims of We decided to join forces in order to start the creation of a network of villages in our area.


We would like to make this website accessible to our people that emigrated to Switzerland, Germany, France, and Belgium so it would be nice to have translations into GERMAN and FRENCH. If you know one of these languages and wish to help, welcome on board.


We have a very preliminary version of the database online and we should update it and make it more easily browsable by the end of the year.


MUSIC: Mario Funaro, Stornelli, Serenate, Bambini/Ragazzi musicisti, Graziano e Debora
TRADITIONS: Centro Cultura e Tradizioni
POETRY: Gildo Funaro, Tito Di Girolamo
THEATRE: Compagnia Attori per Caso, testi di Alfredo Ciarlone, Spettacoli Roccolani
LOCAL CUISINE: Delicious dishes from Roccasicura. Amazing recipes with pictures. Yum!!


We are proud of our glorious soccer team and the next version of this website should have a section on it.


Organize a wild life survey and then teach the kids to identify the species with whom they share the habitat.
Put together a booklet with all the walks one can do in the nature around Roccasicura.


In Corsa per la Vita (Pro-Loco).


Roccasicura hosts a few families of immigrants that are very well integrated. If they want to have a space here to be in contact with their countries of origin they can for sure.


I would like that the kids from Roccasicura had access to the best education facilities ever and that, if they are keen to learn, they get the means to succeed as students. It would be fantastic if they could get a devoted space for studying with free computers and free internet connection and with plenty of books. And microscopes maybe!


Finally money. This is a non-profit initiative and we are completely self-funded but, at some stage, we are likely to run into more substantial expenses, let alone the cost of running the website. If you wish to support us by donating, it will be much appreciated.