le radici

Welcome to the first version of Roccasicura.eu. This is a homemade website done by volunteers. The aim of this project is to create or strengthen bonds with the descendants of our people abroad and, through that, to widen the identity of our own community in Roccasicura.

Here you will find a description of the genelogical database created by Antonio Gaetano Lombardi (known here as Di Ruccio) and some basic information about the village. We are also delighted to host a page about our emigrants living in New York.

This is an ongoing project and it does not end with the launch of the website. There are plenty of things that can be done and you are welcome to get involved in the future of the project, that we called Roccasicura 2.0. We value your feedback so please send us your comments. ENJOY BROWSING!

We recommend to visit Amici di Vastogirardi a website whose aims are similar to those of this website.